Are some of your home appliances starting to break down? Is your fridge petering out? How about your cooktop and stove? It is time to start looking into new appliances for your home. Go to Maytag, and you will find the highest quality fridge as well as cooktops.

If you decide to get a new cooktop, instead of getting traditional gas or electric, make an investment into an induction cooktop. They are actually inexpensive, safe and easy to control. Not to mention energy efficient and easy to use and control.

Those are just some of the kitchen appliances that need replacing. Maytag offers laundry appliances as well, and you will want to buy maytag washer and dryer. Maytag offers front load and top load washers, and much more energy efficient and easy to use than traditional appliances.

Home appliances break down and you will know when it is time to purchase new appliances for your home.


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Do you have a certain style of cooking? Before buying the first thing you see, it is necessary to consider the types of stoves that are available. Note, each type has its advantages and disadvantages. There were only two options available counters. The only options are electric or gas. Now there is another choice. Before discussing this option, we will discuss electric and gas stoves.

Cooks prefer gas stove instead of electric. The main reason for this is that heat can be controlled much easier. Gas stoves are also much more economical and environmentally friendly than electric stoves. The choice of colors is huge, and comes in different finishes such as glass steel, stainless steel, enamel and aluminum. A disadvantage of gas cooker is that they are less energy efficient than electric cooktops. It takes a lot of energy to use the gas stoveand they can be energy wasters.

Cooks who prefer to conserve energy would be more likely to use an electric stove. Remember that electric cooktops are not very environmentally friendly. The heat generated by electric stoves are touching pots and pans. Because more often than not, electricity which comes from an electric stove is not renewable. This wasted heat can escape into the atmosphere and add to greenhouse gases. Electric stoves are a good choice for cooks who want to use low temperatures for cooking. But electric ovens are more expensive than gas burners, because they are made with materials that are more expensive such as halogen, semi-halogen, radiant and coil. However, the selection of various electric stoves is larger and includes the new type, induction cooktops which are becoming popular.

Induction cooktops are part of the electric stove group. However, it is very different from the traditional cooktop. Induction cooktops do not use any type of electrical resistance to produce heat. This type of cooking produces heat by using magnetic fields. Induction stoves to cook their meals faster than gas and electric stoves. You can control induction cooktops heat as easily as gas. As a bonus, the induction cooktops are safer compared to gas or electric stoves. If the pot on the cooking surface is dry or incompatible, then it won’t heat up. With induction cooktops, the chances of this happening are much lower.

In order to find the right stove for cooking, be sure to talk with a trusted advisor who can help you such as one of the Maytag Distributors.